About BBM

Brad and Patty Brede have been ministering together for over 30 years. Read about their ministry below.

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About Brad Brede


Brad Brede is a graduate of the 1981 class of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Brad holds ordination credentials with the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers (AFCM) and Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI).  Patty is a 1980 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and ordained with AFCM.  Brad Brede Ministries is a teaching ministry with powerful manifestations of the Spirit.

Brad has faithfully served as an AFCM Regional Director since 1988.  He travels extensively encouraging and training pastors and strengthening churches.  He is responsible for the care and oversight of AFCM members and churches in seven states.  Brad and Patty have a strong desire to bring revival to churches in North America.  Brad also serves as a member of the AFCM Executive Support Team.


Revival Fire USA

Brad’s many years of ministry experience, his simplicity in teaching the Word of God, and fervent desire to help people experience the true outpouring of God’s Spirit combine to make a powerful minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  People are healed, filled with the Spirit, delivered, and equipped for service as the Word of God is taught and the power of the Lord is present to heal.  He and his wife, Patty, share the responsibilities of the ministry working together in harmony to promote the plans and purposes of God.

You may become a ministry partner by joining our Miracle Partner Network.  Please, contact us for details.  Your prayers and financial support would be greatly appreciated.  Revival Fires is a publication of Brad Brede Ministries.  People can signup to receive this quarterly newsletter filled with inspirational teachings, testimonies, and ministry updates.  If you desire additional information, please contact our ministry office or visit us on Facebook.




Xtreme Passion

In 1994, Brad and Patty established their first youth camp in Minnesota.  Their camps have now ministered to thousands of youth and adults. They

founded Xtreme Passion in 2005 – a ministry devoted to helping young people achieve their divine destiny.  They are endeavoring to build a network of youth and youth groups across the United States as well as establish more camps and other youth activities.  Several churches and youth groups already are affiliated with Xtreme Passion and are connected to their cause and purpose.

There have been many Xtreme Passion youth events at various locations and churches by which youth groups are working together.  Youth ministers and teens are being united, trained, and ministered to by the presence and power of God.

An Xtreme Passion website has been established offering youth ministers and teenagers an opportunity to receive updates, event information, and valuable teachings.  Check it out at www.xtremepassion.org.  People can also follow the ministry on Facebook and Twitter.

Brad and Patty are committed to being a source of information and inspiration for youth and youth ministers.  They are encouraging a working together of youth groups.  They are working to connect youth to local youth ministries and to organize youth camps, rallies, conferences, and other special events.  Ultimately, Xtreme Passion is assisting local churches in building their youth ministries and training young people to successfully fulfill their God-given purpose.

The ministry of Xtreme Passion has expanded beyond just the youth in AFCM.  Teenagers from all walks of life and religions are being impacted by the truth and power of God as it flows through this ministry.  Brad and Patty are excited about the future development of Xtreme Passion!